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Substrate Growing Systems

Designed to increase yield, quality and increase labour productivity

Substrate Growing Systems

For over 15 years Haygrove have been growing berry crops in substrate. Our first experience was in double cropped strawberry production under glass. The system is based on planting a first crop in July and harvesting this crop during September to November and then overwintering the same plant to take a second early spring crop the following year. Today we grow double crop strawberries under 6-acres (2.2ha) of glass.

In 2009, our substrate production moved under Haygrove Tunnels and as at today's date we grow over 100 acres of raspberries in pots and strawberries on table tops. As we have gained in experience our production system has moved from peat based substrates to coir based substrate material. Coir is a natural by-product of coconut fibre and although it requires more precise management than peat we have found it to be a wonderful product for growing high yielding and excellent quality berries.

Why Haygrove?

Our approach is not to sell just steel and parts to build a system – we want to work with growers to ensure they get the right solution based on their experience or the varieties of berry crop they wish to grow or the end consumer they are targeting. We welcome growers to visit our substrate growing show site where you can see first-hand a commercial field-scale set up. We will then discuss the right technical solution for what you are trying to achieve.

In addition to our growing experience, we also work hard to ensure that wherever possible customers can start off with the lower cost systems and upgrade in the future as market challenges or the budget available might dictate. For example, for growers choosing a simple substrate bag system, they might want to start off with our single pipe steel table and then upgrade in the future to growing in pots, trays.

For strawberry growers we have five systems for you to investigate including, new for 2011, a steel gutter system which is formed on the farm with the Haygrove Mobile Gutter Forming Machine.