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Haygrove Development is a not-for-profit company established by Haygrove.

Gambia is Good

Gambia is Good is a cross-sector partnership between Concern Universal and Haygrove.

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Bright Futures - Growing future farmers with a sustainable enterprise based development programme.

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Haygrove farm in South Africa and the UK. Hermanus, (Haygrove Heaven) is home to our main production site, where we grow fruit for Woolworths, Pic ’n Pay and overseas quality retailers.

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Welcome to Haygrove South Africa

A very warm welcome to Haygrove South Africa. We invite you to take a look at our range of Tunnel Greenhouses suitable for large scale commercial operations through to Home Production Units.

Latest News

Haygrove tunnels retrofit options

Haygrove tunnels have a number of retro fit options available to existing clients. These options can be fitted to most of our existing structures and are the result of ongoing research and development into providing an even more optimum growing environment for your crops.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss specific needs.

Steel Gutters

  • Enables planting in the legrows – more efficient use of your valued m2
  • Provides a massive water capture area.
  • Prevents waterlogging of soil in leg rows.
  • Eliminate erosion inside your tunnels

017 Steel Gutters

Roller top Venting

  • Opens 2.5m from gutter
  • Very efficient removal of heat
  • Very effective temperature and humidity control
  • Quicker and easier than standard manual venting

Roller Venting IMG-20170202-WA0021

Doors – Simple shade net

  • Simple and effective
  • Acts as a wind break
  • Allows air movement through the tunnels for ventilation
  • Protects plants at the entrance to your tunnel

shade net doors

Doors – Roller

  • Allows partial opening from bottom up to allow venting in degrees.
  • Allows full access to implements
  • Can be covered in plastic or shade net.
  • Provides a good seal to trap heat.

Super Solo with roller doors

Doors – Hinged double

  • Can be covered with plastic or net
  • Allows access for just personnel or open both for full access


double hinged doors


  • Considerable improvements on climate control
  • Enables plants to transpire for longer
  • Creates a more favourable micro climate for plants
  • Combination of polythene and screens to diffuse light and create shade and reduce temperatures.
  • Possible to automate. Link to sensors for light, temp, humidity

Side skirts

  • Shade net side skirts act as a wind break, but allowing air movement through the tunnels for sufficient ventilation
  • Insect net sides, reduce the risk of pests entering your tunnels, also acts as a windbreak.
  • Woven transparent side skirts seal off your tunnel on the sides protecting your crop from wind and retaining heat.

 Insect net Shade net


  • Electric motors fitted to roller doors, top vents, screens and side skirts.
  • Can be linked to sensors

Mechanical sides IMG-20170202-WA0032Please contact Haygrove to discuss different options: 021 8591026 or info@haygrove.co.za

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Polytunnels for Home Production

Home Production Units and Garden Tunnel Greenhouses are a popular solution for those wanting to protect plants on a smaller scale.

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